Cryptocurrency Wallet DataDash

The Datadash provides token management using the machine to machine Wallet. Supernodes are an integral part of the MXC and DHX (DataHighway) Ecosystem, connecting LPWAN hardware with blockchain. Once this LPWAN hardware is connected to the app, it will mine the token as long as it is online.

I worked on new mining feature that involves both tokens to work together to mine DHX.
DHX will be in the market (will be listed in exchanges) very soon, so we want users to do something about the token not just buying and selling. We want to increase more interaction with users by mining function.
My Work Process
Research (Who, Why, What, When, Where, How?)
Personas (Used pre-existing one)
Define the problem
Test and repeat
Most cryptocurrency wallets are very technical and hard to navigate. If mining and staking are involved it becomes even more complicated.
We want to make sure the Datadash app is accessible to users who are pretty new to cryptocurrency with little experience. Our aim is to simplify the crypto experience.
I am the perfect example. I only have little experience on cryptocurrency and mining, this became my starting point. How can I make an app that is usable to someone like me?
One thing that stood out to me was that purchasing tokens from the exchanges is extremely easy. There is no hassle like when using a cryptocurrency wallet but eventually, you'll need to transfer your tokens, which requires a wallet. I wanted users have same experience as purchasing token from the exchange when they use the wallet.
I tried to defined the what user wants, what is the problem, how can we improve.
As a user I would want to know about new mining features, invest in Miner hardware to boost mining ability but it is expensive, see every profit that I make every day, and know if this can benefit me before investing money.

But this new mining DHX is entirely new to me, I need to learn how it works. If you would like to mine bit-coin, can you do it immediately? No, I have to study what are the requirements and what to do, if I am not familiar with the mining concept this will be difficult to understand
Once I understand the concept, it will be easy to mine but to have higher revenue I have to purchase expensive mining hardware or invest in MXC. To successfully understand the whole system they might need to try a trial and error process to learn this whole thing.
DHX mining revenue can be smaller than they expected and this could cause frustration.
Datadash app has too many functions it is hard to navigate and etc...
After analysing issues and needs, I was able to draw some of my idea how this can work (It is a bit of mess..) and came up with simple wireframe.
DHX wallet has 4 main functions, deposit, mine, withdraw, and council
Most of the cryptocurrency wallet does not teach you how to mine on the app, it is because there's so much to study and it has really long wiki pages that give me a headache. So I used onboarding pages as a learning center to mine DHX.
Most of the cryptocurrency wallet does not teach you how to mine on the app, it is because there's so much to study and it has really long wiki pages that give me a headache. So I used onboarding pages as a learning center to mine DHX.
Ordinary people do not understand what LPWAN Gateway is and how this hardware earns cryptocurrency through Datadash
Low-power Wide-area Network (LPWAN) is a type of wireless technology for the transmission of small amounts of data over long distances. It is used in distributed telemetry networks, inter-machine interaction, and the Internet of Things. LPWAN can collect data from different equipment such as meters, sensors, or gauges. By installing this hardware users are automatically mining MXC tokens, as well as data gathering, and you can buy and sell this data through cryptocurrency.
But do people who just want to earn tokens care about data gathering? After some user surveys we realised that they do not.
There are only few percentages of people or companies who have good knowledge of LPWAN hardware. They find that this gathered data can lead them to increased profits So we have two types of users.
Users who want to earn tokens only can simply scan the QR code with the app and set the LPWAN hardware to the default setting. Users who want to exchange data from mining can configure their own settings through the controller which is a web interface.
I wanted to provide more than just a wireframe. More features will be released soon for Datadash and I wanted to make sure to have the templates built from the frontend side first to save time on building.