Configuration Software for LPWAN Gateway

Low-power Wide-area Network (LPWAN) is a type of wireless technology for the transmission of small amounts of data over long distances. It is used in distributed telemetry networks, inter-machine interaction, and the Internet of Things. LPWAN can collect data from different equipment such as meters, sensors, or gauges.
My Role
Case Study
UI design
Most LPWAN hardware users set their gateway's configuration by uploading their own JSON file to the cloud, which is complicated even for engineers. This downloadable software enhances the usability of the gateway. However, the software is very new and we are still in the process of figuring out if makes the engineer’s life easier or helps to increase the sales of the gateway.
When the plans to develop this project emerged I remember seeing how excited our engineers were, and this is when my curiosity started.
I was especially interested because my target users were right in front of me.
I had so many questions since I had never built any software for engineers before.
1. I wanted to know why this project made them excited
2. Make me understand what it does, which took a while...
3. How this will help other users who own the gateway
4. Is the language that you use, understandable to other engineers
5. Do we also want other ordinary users can configure the gateway or only targeting engineers and so on
We didn’t need a user map on here since we already had an architect structure from a JSON file. The same structures are used in the creation of the configuration code so the gateway users should be familiar with these already. The network, LoRa server, and system configuration were necessary add-ons so we decided to include a dashboard for overview/ checking its status for a better experience.

Network - Users can select how to connect their gateway. Everything is set up within a default range so the users will not have to update anything unless they want a unique setting.

LoRa - The gateway works like a frequency of a walkie talkie - you set up the channel that you want to use. We provide a default setting or users have the freedom to set up their own frequencies.

System - General and automated firmware update settings go here but we wanted to provide something more. We added the end result of the gateway, LoRa, and a system log that shows the result of data collection and how active the gateway is.
MX190X configuration software
What follows is the outcome of the configuration software. It is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and not full of JSON code files. We hope this software will help users set up the hardware.